Wasteland [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wasteland:

Help was not always available, and there could be no waste movements in a wasteland.

Our world of Rajj is a wasteland where once we and our fellows lived.

Hours later he spotted the caravan in the immensity of sand and wasteland.

Nothing, for as far as the eye could see there was only wasteland.

The Confederate force was already starting withdrawal, battery by battery, as the wasteland of the fire lighted them on their way.

They walked for two hours, the Disan setting a cruel pace, before they reached a wasteland of jumbled rock.

He swung his arm in a wide circle, indicating a wasteland of sand that spread as far as the eyes could see.

Our whole Northern Hemisphere, where our greatest nations were, was devastated; much of it is wasteland to this day.

Victorious feudal lords induced farmers to come to their territory and to cultivate the wasteland.

Out of the cramped ships they came, to bound in freedom and fresh breathable air across the wasteland.