Watchers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Watchers:

But the men were talking, and the watcher strained to catch their words.

It is a watcher more than a doer, and it is a doer, only that it may the better watch.

The watcher grunted again as he saw that this man was also masked.

Often on starry nights he would be a watcher of the heavens.

He was alone now, surely, save for that watcher in the bushes.

How the sea, which lay like a watcher at their doors, murmured in its sleep!

The suggestion was no more than a suggestion in the mind of the watcher of all these bygone scenes.

It ought to be burned along with him, said a watcher, that he and the devils might be together.

If the watcher was not Motoza or Tozer, he was an ally of theirs.

The watcher was deeply affected by his grief-stricken appearance.