Watercourses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Watercourses:

The banks of the watercourse were steep, the bottom was sandy.

Away from the watercourse the grasses grew shorter and more slender.

He tore towards the watercourse in an agony lest he should be too late.

So far, however, the lads had remained on their side of the watercourse.

I fired and stepped back, falling, as I did so, into the watercourse.

It had an individual and peculiar look, like no watercourse they had seen.

In the morning others observed them flying up the watercourse.

We were not mistaken, for down the avenue a watercourse wound its way.

Now, what's to hinder a man escaping by means of that watercourse?

By that means they got rid of some of the filth, but they did not improve the watercourse.