Waterfront [noun]

Definition of Waterfront:


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Sentence/Example of Waterfront:

The waterfront was empty, swept clean of all that I disliked.

On walks along the waterfront he would treat it all like a graveyard.

Walking now down the waterfront I met only a figure here and there.

More barrels, boxes, crates and bags to be piled high up on the waterfront.

As I went along the waterfront I felt a confused disappointment.

I started for the waterfront, asking my way every block or two.

It seemed that all Delaware colony must be at the waterfront.

We don't own our streets or our docks or our waterfront or anything else.

The boy she was going to marry, the boy she loved, had fled with her to the Marmara waterfront.

He could see the masts and yards of the ships along the waterfront.