Waterway [noun]

Definition of Waterway:

ditch, channel dug in earth

Synonyms of Waterway:

Opposite/Antonyms of Waterway:


Sentence/Example of Waterway:

They may be "The waterway is not clear," or "Small junks should anchor here."

Injuring any road, rail, or waterway, or means of communication.

We get a waterway for large ships to within fifty miles of Damascus.

They halted on the bridge and looked over the balustrade, up the waterway.

Now that the monks had the waterway and could get at their forests, they pushed the industry.

The waterway from Mandalay to the sea was under our control.

This system of waterway drains the whole province of Hunan and beyond.

Every hsien, city, and important town is reached by waterway.

Yet the fact remains that the waterway does have its place in transport.

The one obstruction in the waterway is a fall of 165 ft. in the Kebbi.