Wattle [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wattle:

It is built of oak framework, filled in with “wattle and daub.”

As for "wattle and daub" I could wish that it had never been invented.

The wattle hanging from the neck is of a light orange at the tip.

The walls of the dormitory were constructed in what is well known as "wattle and daub."

For leave to sit by their wattle they demanded contributions of fuel.

A yeather or yadder seems to be a rod to wattle the stakes with.

I skulked in the scrub as he came up—just behind a clump of wattle.

Beyond the fires he saw huts of mud and wattle, thatched with brush.

As a rule this line is broken by the overgrowth of the wattle at the base of the beak.

Candanga, met me in the path and gave me a welcome to his house of wattle and daub.