Waved [verb]

Definition of Waved:

move back and forth; gesture

Synonyms of Waved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Waved:

Sentence/Example of Waved:

So they waved their hats recklessly and continued to ride to be in at the death.

Austin waved them away with a deprecatory gesture and a smile.

He waved farewell, stepped through the door, and closed it behind him.

Once again his eyes were like Tillie's, as she had waved good-bye from the porch.

From across the Street, as he got into his car, he had waved his hand to her.

She waved her hand to Edgar Vaughan, with a gesture of ethereal triumph.

Marian smiled and waved in return until the train bore her away.

Once or twice he had gaspingly tried to stop her, but smilingly she had waved him aside.

Winkleman, who had spoken no word, waved him a friendly good-bye.

She waved her hand to him as the tram drove off, and he waved his in reply.