Waves [noun]

Definition of Waves:

sea surf, current

Synonyms of Waves:

Opposite/Antonyms of Waves:


Sentence/Example of Waves:

But soon the tide returns, and once more I hear the roistering of the waves.

The waves are whirling their boat past the rocks into the shallows.

The waves plashed on the shore and told stories to the pebbles and the sands.

One by one, each uttering the name of her beloved, leaped into the waves.

I watch them accumulating just as I watch the waves of the sea.

The sea looked gloomy and colourless, and there were no waves.

There was not a vestige of hope for the vessel, such was the fury of the wind and the violence of the waves.

My son Micah, as I understand, hath picked you out of the waves.

Her hair just waves a little away from the parting—it is always parted.

For he waves his hand again, and shouts, "The prisoner is reprieved!"