Waviness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Waviness:

The waviness of wool is due to the spiral structure of the fibers.

It is distinguished by its waviness and the scaly covering of the fibers.

He was about twenty-one years of age, with sensitive features, and brown hair having a tendency to waviness.

Is waviness of hair a pure or a mixed form, or sometimes one and sometimes the other?

From the waviness of many of the lines which should be straight, we think this print must be from an engraving on metal.

He was a little gentleman, and most of what height he had was from the waist upward; his general aspect was one of waviness.

In spinning the threads are held together by their scales and the waviness of the fiber which prevents them from untwisting.

The coat is usually a shade of brown, sometimes greyish, fairly bright and with a suggestion of waviness.

As to waviness of the hair, I have observed it rarely among the Manbos to which this paper refers.

His hair was dark, with an inclination—sternly repressed—to waviness above the forehead.