Wavy [adjective]

Definition of Wavy:


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Sentence/Example of Wavy:

She stooped ever so slightly and touched the upstanding mop of his wavy hair.

The stem is slender, wavy, same color as the pileus, pruinose at the apex.

The caps are often large and wavy, resembling yellow cauliflower.

He saw her eyes and the wavy shadows of her hair on her forehead.

The head of the arch is wavy and formed mostly of convex curves.

Nothing could be discovered upon it, but a labyrinth of wavy and sweepy lines.

And her hair must be wavy and light with a little tinge of gold in it.

The color of cheese should be even, not wavy, streaked or bleached.

When I reached the high grass, there was the cat gliding into the wavy tangle.

The wavy ones were wriggling about like eels or water-snakes.