Waylaid [verb]

Definition of Waylaid:

intercept, ambush

Synonyms of Waylaid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Waylaid:

Sentence/Example of Waylaid:

Tom was taking it to a lawyer, when he was waylaid, and chloroformed.

The steward dogged my footsteps and waylaid me, and, by Jove!

It was greatly feared that they had been waylaid and captured by the savages.

The women were really on their way to the Temple when he waylaid them.

He waylaid the doctor after the examination was over and asked all kinds of questions.

The following day a party of Protestants were waylaid and beaten.

On the way they were waylaid by an armed squad and chased for several miles.

He waylaid those who, coming from aloft, stood gasping for breath.

No doubt the Santa Theresa was a gold ship they had waylaid and sunk.

"I trust the messengers whom I sent forth have not been waylaid," Eudemius said.