Weakened [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Weakened:

It was the boy's weakened condition that was turning her revenge into tragedy.

Since my health has been weakened, I believe I have acquired more conscience.

Perhaps it was his unquestionable distress that weakened her.

Like a torrent they swept down upon the cowed, weakened Mercutians.

I have had some practice, but illness has so weakened me that I have given up the forest.

The digestive organs are weakened by illness, and should not be unduly taxed.

She, was as diminutive and weakened as he was ponderous and heavy.

Meanwhile she weakened and faded day by day, despite all the care with which she was surrounded.

It was a show-down and, bulldog fighter though he was, Jasper Swope weakened.

Then, when all would have been weakened by the war, Germany would step in and take the spoils.