Weakling [noun]

Definition of Weakling:

person who has no strength

Synonyms of Weakling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Weakling:

Sentence/Example of Weakling:

He was a weakling, and had no love of boyish sports; but he excelled in scholarship.

He had known him for a fool, a weakling, a babbler, and a bibber of wine.

Strange that so much should depend upon one man; tragic that the one man was a weakling.

And they would know they were garroting a man, and not a weakling!

Here I am weeping and wailing, she thought, as if I had no brains and as if I were a weakling.

It must be said for George Fleming that at least he was a hardy villain and no weakling.

She struck him across the eyes with full strength, and she was no weakling.

I know you are no coward or weakling, but he could throw you over the wall.

Even a weakling can cripple the strongest man if he once gets that hold.

Such a man as Bobby Bulteel must have been, as George said, a weakling.