Weaknesses [noun]

Definition of Weaknesses:

defect, proneness

Opposite/Antonyms of Weaknesses:

Sentence/Example of Weaknesses:

He was used to dealing with pique in women, and had found it the most manageable of weaknesses.

She knew him now—all his small indolences, his affectations, his weaknesses.

There is nothing like building our fortune on the weaknesses of mankind.'

It is entirely free from the weaknesses of the ordinary Sunday school book.

Ought he not to be dead to all the weaknesses of this world?

All these fellers 'ave got two weaknesses—one's ideas, and the other's their own importance.

The present method of income tax, however, has some weaknesses.

He took to cards in a manner that frightened even me, used as I was to his weaknesses.

But weaknesses of this kind were nothing as compared with the threatened weakness in men.

He possessed the Hebrew weaknesses both as regards gold and beauty.