Weald [noun]

Definition of Weald:

trees, wood

Synonyms of Weald:

Opposite/Antonyms of Weald:


Sentence/Example of Weald:

He went through the filmed record of every inspection ever made on Weald and on Dara.

But they ought to be told about the arrival of that ship at Weald, and what Weald thinks about it!

It's practically certain that there are other, agents, if you like that word better, on Weald.

So he was definitely unpopular when his ship lifted from Weald.

On Weald they don't know how it happened, but they suspect blueskins.

When they grow up they're just like—the people of Weald or any other world.

I certainly didn't do it to help them dump germ-cultures on Weald!

And there hasn't been a plague on Weald so you people aren't carriers of it.

So some fool has decided to get Weald too busy fighting a plague of its own to bother with you.

But Weald feared he might bring death back to Weald if he were allowed to return.