Weals [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Weals:

In the woe or weal of a whole life, we must decide for ourselves.

As heaven's above, his future weal Or woe depends upon my silence!

And the real end of both was the weal of the Commonwealth at large.

How much of Canada's weal or woe depends upon the selection?

Has it not done more for the honor of the prince and the weal of the subject than any other system?

And her mother whipped her because she wanted the weal wich pie.

How might she unravel this tangled skein and float to weal upon this sea of death?

For her sins she could and must answer with the weal or woe of her own soul.

It invites us to take counsel concerning her wants and her weal.

In all the operations of nature, man's weal and woe are involved.