Weapons [noun]

Definition of Weapons:

arm, armament

Opposite/Antonyms of Weapons:


Sentence/Example of Weapons:

The bucklers were huge shields, and the weapons were wooden swords.

Soon the table was covered with weapons, selected in a dazed way, he knew not why.

His weapons had been indeed removed, and the marshal was looking at him with beady eyes.

Becket was a tall, powerful man, expert in the use of weapons.

The accommodation was as primitive as are the weapons, and that was saying a good deal.

They would ordinarily have been afraid neither of Simba nor Simba's weapons.

I should not have gone twenty days' journey with no weapons and only an old man for companion.

It is far to Riolama, and I had no weapons; but I feared nothing.

By and by he said, touching his bow: "You cannot fight with our weapons; what will you do if we meet an enemy?"

He was pleased at my words, and said no more and gave me no weapons.