Wearily [adverb]

Definition of Wearily:


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Sentence/Example of Wearily:

Dick's answer came in the like unmeaning tones, and as wearily.

"'It is not the custom,'" wearily quoted Kingozi in the vernacular.

Wearily did he pass some of his time amidst the verdancy of the woods.

"I have not a single gold piece left," said Lorenzi wearily.

"'Flat your b,'" murmured Billy wearily, and no one laughed.

Then I got to my feet and wearily opened the door of my cubicle.

She shook her head at him wearily, and he saw undried tears on her cheeks.

The young man sighed in sympathy and wearily climbed to his den.

Monmouth wearily waved him to a seat; but Grey disregarded the command.

She looked at him impatiently, and wearily she sank on to a chair.