Weariness [noun]

Definition of Weariness:


Synonyms of Weariness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Weariness:


Sentence/Example of Weariness:

He was oppressed with his weariness, and he longed for peace and ease of mind to come to him.

She returned and sat again at the table, and the mood vanished in weariness.

Garson answered with a note of weariness that was unlike him.

She was not herself, of course, what with strain and weariness.

Byron was a symbolic figure, but his relations were to the passion of his age and its weariness of passion.

The short rest had stiffened them and brought home the weariness to their bones.

But for all her weakness and weariness, she would not be persuaded to give up the search.

The weariness of Castell had overcome him again, however, for he snored at his side.

Amanda was shaking all over, with weariness and emotion spent.

The young men, skilled as they were, grew heavy with weariness and despair.