Wearing [adjective]

Definition of Wearing:


Synonyms of Wearing:

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Sentence/Example of Wearing:

As though she had meant by wearing it to emphasize her belief in her lover.

Why, those are my clothes you are wearing, you graceless rascal!

Was you telling' him that the dress ye were wearing' was a present from your old cook?

When day broke they succeeded in wearing the ship with a remnant of the spritsail.

Some of the boots were past wearing when found, and some were not found.

Were they wearing light tweed knickerbockers with big checks?

It will not prevent you from wearing your shoe and stocking.

She was wearing a simple grey dress of some shimmering material.

She had a gift denied to most Englishwomen—the genius for wearing clothes.

The aunt said, 'Charlotte, Miss Wade is wearing you to death, and this must not continue.'