Wearisome [adjective]

Definition of Wearisome:


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Sentence/Example of Wearisome:

Other incidents of our long and wearisome journey need not be related.

This is the most wearisome day that ever did dawn upon the world, I am certain.'

Apart from these the road is wearisome and abounding with dangers.

So off she went for five more days of wearisome bullock-cart and train.

I shall tell you what will be displeasing and wearisome,5 yet true.

Glory found them wearisome, depressing, and often humiliating.

It would take too long and the description would be wearisome.

The journey was long and wearisome, but Paul and Greta scarcely felt it.

“Life is wearisome enough, but a biography––” He shrugged his shoulders.

He repeated this defence, this excuse, this confession of faith, with wearisome iteration.