Weatherworn [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Weatherworn:

Here were no barren hill-crests with a hundred weatherworn facets.

We drove to the church—an ancient, weatherworn little edifice.

The three ships, too, were weatherworn, with seams that threatened gaping.

From time to time he glances from the cramped Greek text to the noble, weatherworn towers of his cathedral.

The face is a fine—even a noble—one, whose features the bronzed and weatherworn results of a hard life have failed to roughen.

Chiddingfold is at its best and sleepiest in high summer—a village of weatherworn red brick and Madonna lilies.

On their packs hung dusty, weatherworn canteens, a pick and shovel, and a rifle in its soiled and frayed scabbard.

A large diamond ring on his weatherworn and sinewy finger suggested that this jewelry was 36 probably only worn on occasions.

But this song came from neither of the weatherworn steersmen, nor from the stolid members of their half-breed crew.

It would be difficult in that weatherworn hull to recognise the trim full-rigged ship that left the Hoogly many months before.