Webbing [noun]

Definition of Webbing:


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Sentence/Example of Webbing:

The webbing which goes back and forth is interwoven with that which goes from right to left.

Further down, another affair of webbing went around his waist.

There were many people on the webbing of paths that came from the temple rock.

Each of the pup's toes was joined to the next by a webbing of skin.

Then drawing the webbing tight was no trouble, and I was spinning with the bird.

The significance of the webbing was questioned by Shannon and Humphrey.

Each of these was faced by two or three of the bucket-seats, only these swung in webbing.

The webbing is red, and extends about an inch and a half, when a narrow fringe finishes the ends.

He belched gently and stretched his long legs luxuriously away from the webbing of the bucket camp chair.

Banbury manufactures horse girths and other kinds of webbing, as well as excellent ale.