Wedded [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Wedded:

He had become so wedded to his gold that to lose it was like losing his heart's blood.

But I could not bear to see you wedded to Mortimer; he is not worthy—you are too good for him.

Yes, yes, we shall be dead, and we shall be wedded all the same—wedded in death!

Then we'll be wedded, you and I, according to the custom of your people.

My brother, like the honourable man he was, wedded the girl he loved.

He was hers by marriage, and in marrying her had wedded the vendetta.

We have to be spry about these things if we ever intend to get wedded at all.

As delicate as any modern in the respect for wedded womanhood.

My one wish in this world is to see you wedded to each other.

They are so wedded to their ancient customs that nothing can be done for them.