Wedged [adjective]

Definition of Wedged:

stuck fast

Synonyms of Wedged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wedged:

Sentence/Example of Wedged:

The rails are fixed into holes, bored and wedged in the posts.

Dan touched the foot, and found that it was, indeed, wedged fast.

The inner end of the pole she wedged in a crevice of the split rock.

Jud and I, wedged in, were tossed about by the surging of the cattle, as the jam broke.

I looked for Henry and found him wedged in a forest of legs.

Babs clung to the rail and I was wedged prone under the couch.

Then they are wedged tightly into the holes so that they cannot slacken.

The catch had been wedged back into the lock so that it could not spring out again.

I wedged and jammed my way through the living throng to the window.

In a second or two, we had gathered them into a hard ‘clump,’ and wedged them into the hole.