Wedges [noun]

Definition of Wedges:

solid piece, often triangular

Synonyms of Wedges:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wedges:


Sentence/Example of Wedges:

Here they stood in the form of a wedge; there they turned the Normans, and put them to flight.

He's a good enough fellow—but he'll drive a wedge into our life.

There must be more giving of ourselves if that wedge is to be widened in the disc.

She found a wedge of wood at the other side and drew it out.

The hair, of course, must be brought over the wedge in an even ribbon.

Some of these devices are, the wedge, the screw, the pulley and the inclined plane.

The wind from the east had driven the snow into the mouth of it like a wedge.

Our table was made of puncheons split with a wedge and hewed with a broadax.

Quoin—a wedge placed under the breech of a gun to fix its elevation.

While it is true it is wedge-shaped, you will see by examining the drawing that it is not like a wedge.