Wee [adjective]

Definition of Wee:

very small, tiny

Synonyms of Wee:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wee:

Sentence/Example of Wee:

Aye, but it's that wee bit that makes all the difference, Mr. Cairnduff!

"I'll go downstairs now for a wee while," Mrs. MacDermott said.

"Och, he's mebbe only a wee bit out of sorts," John answered.

I thought at first you were having me on, but I think now you're only a wee fool.

Sure, you have to tell a wee bit of a lie now and again, or you'd never get your way at all.

"I'll be down in a wee while," John replied as he climbed the stairs.

"I want to have a wee talk with you," she said in explanation.

Aren't you just aching for a wee house of your own, the same way that I am!

Oh, how proud am I now As I lay welcome kisses on baby's wee brow!

Wee Davie had taken no harm, for he was fast asleep with his head on her bosom.