Weeny [adjective]

Definition of Weeny:


Synonyms of Weeny:

Opposite/Antonyms of Weeny:


Sentence/Example of Weeny:

I wonder what he would do if I gave him just a teeny, weeny touch with the whip!

When she was a tiny, weeny thing she was always crying and fretful.

Every teeny, weeny act, no matter what it is, affects somebody else.

I just peeped in and it looked so good I thought I'd take just a weeny taste.

And she gave him a bill, only it was a teeny, weeny bill and it was short.

She gave him feathers just like any other bird, only of course his feathers were teeny, weeny.

So she made a teeny, weeny bird and she made him just as perfect as any other bird.

Secretly she was pleased with the fearlessness of the teeny, weeny bird.

She gave him a tail just like any other bird, only it was a teeny, weeny tail.

Weren't you a weeny, teeny bit proud of him yesterday, Aunt Julia?