Weep [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Weep:

Humans are funniest when they weep and tremble before, like you say, 'the facts in the case.'

Then they will cease, and wives and mothers will come here to weep.

She did not weep: long ago she had exhausted the relief of tears.

What is the matter with you, dear Angélique, and what misfortune makes you weep?

It may be that by-and-by you will not have tears enough to weep.

And he is generous, and brave, and when the darkness comes to him he does not sit and weep.

It was no moment for words; the lovely daughters could only weep!

And when all was ready, Penelope went away to her chamber to weep.

Pierre, at the violent shock his heart had received, had begun to weep.

Laugh, man, and be merry, or I will give you something to weep for.