Weeping [adjective]

Definition of Weeping:


Synonyms of Weeping:

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Sentence/Example of Weeping:

If the boys had not appeared we might now be weeping in a melancholy row.

Her eyes were red with weeping, and her hair was in disorder.

She was too terrified to add her weeping to the wail of the wind—it would have been too ghastly.

I pictured them in four separate heaps in the snow, all weeping.

He was looking steadfastly at his grandmother and weeping piteously.

As I was coming by the river I heard them weeping and wailing.

Brunhilde, weeping, walked out from her hiding-place among her sisters.

Camilla was holding her handkerchief to her eyes and weeping passionately.

Her face was hidden from his view, but Ralph could see that she was weeping.

Even her weeping and her sobs were stifled by her clinging round him.