Weepy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Weepy:

She breaks out into a weepy spell and announces that she is going home.

It makes an old fellow sort of happy and weepy to see them together.

"Don't be weepy, daddy-dear-heart," murmured Boodles, coming and loving him.

Frankie was crying–and she was not a “weepy” girl as a general thing.

He enjoys, above all things, giving a ludicrous twist to a "weepy" ballad.

He had to commit Infanticide to make it Weepy enough for the last Stanza.

He was also bothered by a chronic emotional state which made him look like a "weepy" woman.

Mrs. Crane looked up with an odd, tremulous expression—sort of weepy, Mabel called it afterwards—and said: "Thank you, Peter."

On these trips if he did not take Madame along she would grow furious, then lacrimose and finally submissive—with a weepy protest.

Of course, shes a little shaky and weepy yet, but thats not to be wondered at when you think of what she went through.