Weft [noun]

Definition of Weft:

grain of material

Synonyms of Weft:

Opposite/Antonyms of Weft:

Sentence/Example of Weft:

Now, boys, let the weft rest on the last end, finish your work.

If for weft, the cops are forthwith taken to the loom, ready for the shuttle.

As a result the adjustment of warp and weft is more or less disturbed.

Heroic literature is only one thread in the weft of medieval literature.

In this way the pupil can examine both the filling (weft) and warp threads.

Upon this twig is loosely wound from end to end the weft thread.

Both warp and weft yarns are single and very irregular in diameter.

The weavers were women and the weft was beaten upwards or away from the weaver.

The weft is composed of single yarns and are all in the grey.

The amount the warp and weft are out of the right angle is stated to be about 20°.