Weighing [noun]

Definition of Weighing:

careful consideration

Synonyms of Weighing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Weighing:


Sentence/Example of Weighing:

What chance was there of his weighing it as it should be weighed?

He was weighing in his mind the extent to which he could trust him.

He was, as usual, weighing and considering and making up his mind.

Then it wasn't worth while making such a fuss with their weighing!

I know what's on your heart, and may be it's as heavy as that which is weighing on my own.

The pure part consists of arithmetic, mensuration, and weighing.

“Wal,” the carpenter began, with a ponderous air of weighing his words.

Then weighing it carefully, "Three ounces," he said; "it's worth about forty dollars."

His flesh was icy and his bones seemed heavy, weighing him down.

She saw him weighing them, as if they were a business proposition.