Weightiness [noun]

Definition of Weightiness:

passion, force

Opposite/Antonyms of Weightiness:

Sentence/Example of Weightiness:

Jeremiah then appears with all his weightiness of matter and solemnity of manner.

And the weightiness of these considerations is not diminished when we relate them to the special needs of the day.

Mrs. Wiley shook her head with the air of understanding the weightiness of her friend's excuse.

I opened my box: then indeed I perceived the secret of its weightiness.

He had neither the unswerving sense of style, nor the weightiness of touch, that mark the perfect craftsman.

I demanded, much more impressed by her calling the meal "luncheon" than by the weightiness of her Biblical allusion.

The vigorous and skilful narrative, and a certain grandeur and weightiness of language, make us overlook it.

The solemnity and weightiness of covenant-taking consisteth in three things.