Weightless [adjective]

Definition of Weightless:


Opposite/Antonyms of Weightless:

Sentence/Example of Weightless:

Since the power had been cut off, the ship was in free fall, and the men were weightless.

They made their second, 180-degree turnover while weightless.

Mryna was thrown against the ceiling—and she hung there, weightless.

But obviously, since he was weightless, he was not on Deneb IV.

"Maybe they'd be weightless, but they still wouldn't go up," I said.

It moved with the weightless ease of an ancient dirigible on a still day.

It was as though we floated buoyantly, weightless, upon some swift stream.

I also became a nameless, weightless, aimless grain of dust.

Across the room of the weightless room the hooded intruder was also clinging.

The ship was weightless, of course, but she had mass and an awful lot of it.