Weights [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Weights:

The whole rested on a golden image of Atlas, bending beneath the weight.

At first the solid blackness seemed to lay a weight on their foreheads.

Their weight was too great not to count, but it counted first this way and then that.

First he shifted to one foot, and then he shifted his weight to the other.

It squeaked under his weight, he felt the rungs bow and tremble.

The weight on my mind was removed, and I felt happy and thankful.

It haunted him every moment, and added to the weight of sorrow which seemed crushing him.

Your wife can have her Trine back again; and tell her she was worth her weight in gold.

And I say, Sandy, what's the weight of that old-fashioned bar of iron you have in your hands?

"He's as good as we could make him," answered the Trainer, as he adjusted the weight cloth.