Weirdest [adjective]

Definition of Weirdest:

odd, bizarre

Synonyms of Weirdest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Weirdest:

Sentence/Example of Weirdest:

Their acts all had the weird inconsequence of the people we see in dreams.

What a strange, weird mystery there is about mental associations!

It is plain from this weird appeal that Shakespeare had already made his mark.

Before she had laughed at the weird complaining; now it sounded like a moan of misery.

We told tales as weird as the scene, until far into the night.

Why she's Cleopatra is as weird a history as why I'm Mrs. Jones.

They were winding up now, in the weird moonlight, for the hour was approaching.

In the weird light I could see the faces of the men work with emotion.

Weird places some of them, too—gives me the creeps to think of them sometimes!

It was only another one of his gestures which was responsible for these weird dreams.