Weirdly [adverb]

Definition of Weirdly:


Synonyms of Weirdly:

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Sentence/Example of Weirdly:

This ancient architecture was colossally proportioned and weirdly grim.

For every part and instrument was weirdly and meaninglessly disintegrated.

She seemed more beautiful than ever—strangely and weirdly beautiful, it is true.

It was weirdly living; fine and cruel, that great man-made thing.

The whole effect was weirdly eloquent, rather than racy or exciting.

As this repast comes off, also, in the street, the effect is weirdly amusing.

And Arthur—this weirdly changing Arthur—stooped to pick it for me.

And yet, did ever human being talk so strangely, so weirdly, as she?

The view is at once compellingly beautiful and weirdly repelling.

At night I am sure it is the most weirdly beautiful of all places outside the world.