Weirdness [noun]

Definition of Weirdness:

state of abnormality

Synonyms of Weirdness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Weirdness:

Sentence/Example of Weirdness:

I looked round, and a feeling of awe and weirdness crept over me.

There wasn't any weirdness about the ship when I woke in the sunlight.

The unexpected wild vehemence and weirdness of it were striking in the extreme.

Awe and weirdness followed in the trail of that cannon ball of wind.

The changing lights added to the beauty and weirdness of the scene.

The sing-song calls of the players added to the weirdness of the scene.

Whatever the weirdness and adventure, Jerome was getting nowhere.

There was weirdness in its colour, almost cabalistic—a call out of the occult.

Perhaps it was the weirdness and the tremulous intoxication of the music.

If he were aware of the weirdness of their situation no sign betrayed it.