Welcomed [adjective]

Definition of Welcomed:


Synonyms of Welcomed:

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Sentence/Example of Welcomed:

"I'll be bound Mr. Stewart welcomed him with open arms," said my companion.

He, no doubt, expected to be welcomed in the warmest terms of commendation.

There Powell, the prince, welcomed them and made a feast in their honor.

She kissed and welcomed him; but was afraid to ask him any questions.

Mr Dorrit welcomed the visitor with the highest urbanity, and most courtly manners.

I must own that the poor man was not welcomed by his dormitory companions.

But in default of that, an old one or a story would be welcomed.

But old-fashioned though the advice may have been, it was welcomed.

Perhaps he yearned for companionship and welcomed the sight of living things.

The people arose and welcomed us as Eskimos always do, most cordially.