Wellbeing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wellbeing:

Then came the reflection, how little at any time could a father do for the wellbeing of his children!

Nothing is more sacred, or can be more sacred, than the wellbeing of man.

Yea, we must look to their wellbeing, however distasteful to them it may be.

I was not fit to have children, if I sacrificed their wellbeing to his caprice and his whim, but that was what I did.

The reasons which irrefragably prove this inequality to be necessary to the wellbeing of all classes are not equally obvious.

The livelihood and wellbeing of members of colleges were thus ensured but at the cost of their liberty.

That scientific research is a far greater source of wealth and wellbeing than our stores of coal is easily proved.

She became her son's servant—his slave; her whole thoughts were concentrated in his wellbeing.

The nightly condition of the Embankment is not only disgraceful, but it is dangerous to the health and wellbeing of the community.

Religion is the bulwark of society and the State—the necessary condition alike of their existence and wellbeing.