Welled [interjection]

Definition of Welled:

my goodness

Synonyms of Welled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Welled:


Sentence/Example of Welled:

All of which phenomena were due solely to the rage that welled inside his heart.

But her pride had suppressed the eager question that welled up to her lips.

He stifled the wrath that welled up, threatening to choke him.

Through the blackness that welled and burst in his brain, one thought held.

The tears had welled into his eyes again, and he hurried away.

His voice lifted one notch higher than the undertone which welled about him.

It welled out from a moss-covered hillock and ran in a ring.

A wave of confidence and affection for her welled through me.

Presently he looked up, with a groan that welled from his very heart.

Barry felt that, and bit back the impatient speech that welled to his lips.