Welt [noun]

Definition of Welt:

red mark

Synonyms of Welt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Welt:


Sentence/Example of Welt:

"I'd probably hit him a welt and he'd go off bawlin' like a calf," he communed with himself.

He might chance to strike where no words would efface the welt.

Waldo was thinking of his father as he strode down the pass with that welt on his cheek.

Oncus -i: a welt: applied to welt-like ridges on caterpillars.

Then if he monkeyed too much, why—I could welt him well after.

I was just goin' to welt the little captain a good one when I heard that.

He looked after her, fingers caressing the welt that burned his cheek.

"Welt over the head with a rifle-butt," whispered Dennis excitedly.

Welting cord, a cord sewed into the welt or border of a garment.

It don't take the ache out o' that welt on my arm and back any.