Wenches [noun]

Definition of Wenches:

loose woman

Synonyms of Wenches:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wenches:


Sentence/Example of Wenches:

And there was the wench too—he had fairly forgotten her name.

Hero is a "wench o' the Bankside," and Leander swims across the Thames to her.

The wench came up soon after, all aghast, with a Laud, Miss!

And so this wench is to stock the parish with beauties, I hope.

I am secure in one of the wench's qualities however—she is not to be corrupted.

A wench, man, and as tight a little craft as ever sailed into the port of wedlock.'

The wench cannot know that I am ruined or her heart would speedily be restored.

He has the smooth cheeks o' a wench, an' limbs like Goliath o' Gath.

There's enough plunder in the town to tempt the lads, and there's the wench for you.

Lucagnolo had drought some wench whom he believed to be Madonna Paola.