Wended [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Wended:

"I could not call the fellow out," says the judge, as they wend their way into King street.

If that hand is cold in death, then henceforth I wend my ways alone.

However, he determined to wend his way to the inn and reprove him for his negligence.

He therefore shut the valve and began to wend his way back to the ladder.

Even a Chaucer (so it is said) could make nothing of us as we wend our way to Brighton.

Now we will wend homeward to allay the anxiety of thy mother.

So glad to Norroway back they wend, That the matter be brought to a happy end.

He found the staircase, and began to wend upwards to the bell-chamber.

It was only natural then that Kophetua should wend his way to the beggars' quarter.

Then they remounted the cart to wend towards the Place de Grve.