Were [verb]

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There was a certain difficulty in obtaining the necessary funds without announcing precisely what they-were for.

In pattern it showed bright green flowers-that-never-were sprawling on a purple background.

In Abyssinia, at the present day, blacksmiths are considered to be were-wolves, according to Winstanley.

In tropic countries we have stories of supernatural snakes, who appear in various forms, as were-snakes, shall we say?

Accordingly they returned to the Court, where the 288 were-wolf became an object of the greatest curiosity to all.

The were-wolf superstition is, or was, as prevalent in Brittany as in other parts of France and Europe.

The King hearkened to this sage counsel, for he loved the were-wolf, and was loath to have him slain.

Olaus Magnus says that the were-wolves of Livonia drained a cup of beer on initiation, and repeated certain magical words.

Terrible weapons indeed they-were, with heavy pieces of iron and lead sewn into them underneath the oxhide.

He reviewed strange signs that were-in-the-air-to-day, seeing them all as aspects of one single thing.