Werewolf [noun]

Definition of Werewolf:

giant animal; supernatural being

Synonyms of Werewolf:

Opposite/Antonyms of Werewolf:

Sentence/Example of Werewolf:

I dreamed I was the werewolf—do not shudder, dear love, for 't was only a dream.

But how passing well doth he time his absence from the haunts of the werewolf.

But suddenly a mighty tumult arose, and there were cries of "The werewolf!"

Werewolf and vampire knew, and the ebon-bodied demons that prowl by night.

Throckmorton, a werewolf who would defile her if she entered into any compact with him.

It was, as I believe, none other than the werewolf that I saw.

Sometimes the werewolf transformation led to unlucky accidents.

Sometimes a werewolf was cured merely by recognizing him while in his brute shape.

In one of Dasent's tales the water-maiden is replaced by a kind of werewolf.

If you could get hold of a werewolf's sack and burn it, a permanent cure was effected.