Western [adjective]

Definition of Western:

situated or toward the west

Synonyms of Western:

Opposite/Antonyms of Western:

Sentence/Example of Western:

How's it come you didn't have a Western Union frank this year?

He had a large family at home waiting his return from a Western journey.

In truth, it's amazing to take count of the Western men among us in all the professions.

President Harding had died while traveling in the western States.

When Mrs. Western retired to her room for the night, it was not to sleep.

He said nobody made any thing out of this except the Western Senators.

Or he might just have told the plain truth—that Father has a large Western farm.

New Yorkers aren't like our whole-souled, emotional Western folks.

In Western life you are on and off your horse at the change of a thought.

I have used many Western phrases as necessary to the Western setting.