Westerns [noun]

Definition of Westerns:

western movie

Synonyms of Westerns:

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Sentence/Example of Westerns:

You know that it is not so, for had it been so what need was there for me to send for these Westerns?

The origin of this custom is involved in mystery to the Westerns.

The idea that China could do this was regarded by most Westerns as almost laughable.

The Westerns have always been changing the fashion of the chin.

"Oh no, say the most westerly of the westerns," purred an American, soothingly.

Ever'body in these Westerns had a gun, and they all shot at each other.

Like the Montague girl, Baird was chiefly impressed with the Westerns.

Robinson is the author of many Westerns, none of which I have read.

I've seen so-called Westerns with the cowboys riding Freyan oukry.

The Westerns began the trial: the Easterns left Sardica by night in haste.