Wetness [noun]

Definition of Wetness:

dampness; liquid

Synonyms of Wetness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wetness:

Sentence/Example of Wetness:

Now we gave our attention to the wetness of garments, for we were chilled blue.

The natives, however, impute these defects to the wetness of the season.

All beneath the trees is water, and the air is full of warm steam and wetness.

A wetness other than that from the coyote's tongue slid down his forehead now.

But at first we did not attend to dryness so much as to mud and wetness.

Extremes of heat or cold, wetness or dryness, are fatal to the pear.

He felt the chill of the snow under his knees, and its wetness in his cuffs.

In the North of Ireland the peasantry pronounce the word witness "wetness."

She felt a lump in her throat, a smile on her lips, and a wetness in her eyes.

Gilbert picked his way around these impediments of wetness and débris.